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  • Arch of 100 balloons , colour of 25 Yellow latex, 25 light blue latex, 25 magenta metallic, 25 pink latex and 25 Orange latex
  • Happy Birthday Silver cursive foil balloon
  • 6 dark green palm leave
  • 2 big macron balloons- yellow and blue
  • 20 free floating balloons
  • 1 Flamingo 5 Piece set



  • The token amount for the order is ₹99/- the final amount will be calculated and discussed on WhatsApp/Call.
  • Please ensure that someone is present in the room while the decoration is being done. Please take care of your valuables.
  • Please call or chat or email to check availability before booking
  • The decorator will not wait more than 30 minutes at the location from the chosen time slot.


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